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Buying off-plan property in Dubai is one of the best investment decisions you could make for the future. There are many advantages to it, including easy payment plans spread over many years and lower prices. There are many off-plan projects in Dubai, and so it can become hard to choose the right project that caters to your exact needs.

With close to a decade of being in the UAE property market, our team of 150 agents boasts unrivaled community expertise across UAE and the GCC.  We have the biggest selection of exclusive partnerships with off-plan projects. Banke will assist you in everything you need to know about off plan property in Dubai.  We work closely with Dubai’s largest and most trusted developers, and we can offer you an entire range of options based on your budget, preferences, and needs.

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Tax Free Investment

There is no property tax in Dubai. Which means, once you have bought the property, paid the registration fee to Dubai Land Department, there is no other government tax to be paid against your property at all.

Residence Visa Eligibility

You can become eligible to get resident visa based on your property purchase in Dubai. There are certain requirements which you need to fulfill to get into the criteria. You will have to approach Dubai Land Department to get your investor visa against your purchase.

Expo 2020

The event is estimated to bring in Dhs 122bn to the overall UAE economy. There will be a noticeable rise in demand for rented apartments due to the projection of increase in the amount of visitors arriving to Dubai. It is the perfect opportunity for landowners and investors who are on the lookout for a strong market for their properties.

High ROI

The property prices are always on the rise and can bring an exponential gain for the investors. Keeping the increasing trend in mind, you can easily find the best opportunity to sell off your property and make a great profit out of the deal. Also, you can reinvest some, or all the money in another property to ensure similar gains for the future.

Invest with confidence

Dubai boasts a world-class infrastructure, well-maintained roads, excellent public transport, and connectivity. Great infrastructure is just one of the reasons why Dubai is a global trade center. Dubai is building and maintaining a strong, regulated, economic infrastructure that draws business to the region, while encouraging investment and growth at the same time.

Lifestyle & Tourism

The emirate has developed a strong tourism-based economy, and as a result the attractions and amenities on offer in Dubai are inimitable; and naturally all residents can benefit. From a range of theme parks to private beach clubs, from incredibly opulent shopping malls to cinema complexes and an abundance of restaurants, Dubai really does have it all.

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