Lorencia Windvogel

Product Consultant

  • Banke ORN: 12108

  • Agent BRN: 55607

  • Service Areas: Dubai

About Lorencia Windvogel

Lorencia Windvogel is a property consultant with Banke International Properties for about 5 months. She specializes in the secondary sales and leasing market in the real estate industry. She is a community specialist in Downtown Dubai. She strives to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment, and to bring a little fun in every real estate transaction. She loves Dubai and does not miss a chance to meet incredible individuals from various backgrounds. She feels that her greatest strengths would be where she is continuously pushing herself each day to not get too comfortable with the present, rather to always keep moving forward. Reminding herself on a daily basis of humble beginnings and things she should be grateful for. She thinks the industry needs more honest and caring individuals that truly care about the needs of their clients , and she feels this is what she adds to the table.She loves people and helping them find happiness within themselves and this is by selling them beautiful homes.

Languages Spoken: Afrikaans & English

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